Saturday, May 26, 2012

"Hey there pizza face, whats up!"

Welp kids this is Morgan reporting from the land of trees, Gatlinburg Tennessee. School is out and the inseparable cousins have been separated for the summer. I was recently thinking about all of the amazing things we managed to do this school year; camped out for the BYU game in sub zero temperatures, appeared on the BBC thanks to Chad Hogan, stood in line for 2 hours for free Cafe Rio, sledded down old main hill, were brides maids for the wonderful Janey Feller, rode in a limo, shot shotguns, oh and lets not forget that we BOTH PASSED ANATOMY! This lead me to realize two things one, we don't blog enough and two, we are pretty much a big deal.

Well I just wanted to go ahead and give a little run down on what I'm doing over here in the Smoky Mountains. This summer I am working for C.L.I.M.B Works Canopy a zip line tour nestled right up to the nation forest. I have been here a whooping three days and I am already head over heels in love with the place. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, needs to see this part of the country in there lifetime, preferable from a zip line. I have learned so much in these three days, about trees, mountains, harnesses, Polaris's, trees, zip lines, repealing, knots, chiggers, and more trees. I already know more about the Smoky Mountains then I do the Rockies, get this, if you took all of the salamanders and all of the bears in the Smoky's and weighed them the salamanders would out weigh the bears, say what, its true!
Next week I'll make sure to bring my camera along on some tours and get shots to post because I will never be able to put into words how green it is here.
 For now this picture of the creek near my apartment will have to do. 

And I would also like to throw in a side note that on the 2nd of May Em asked me, "Is today Cinco De Mayo? Did I miss it? Oh wait no its on the 4th!" Silly Emily.

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